1) Tug Service
The following chargers shall be payable for assisting or shifting a vessel to berth or unberth or for towing a vessel.


PER TUG PER MOVEMENT                                                                                                  FOR THE FIRST HOUR OR PART




(a) Vessel below 15,000 GT S$500.00 S$250.00
(b) Vessel above 15,000 GT and up to 20,000 GT S$638.00 S$319.00
(c) Vessel above 20,000 GT and up to 30,000 GT S$680.00 S$340.00
(d) Vessel above 30,000 GT and up to 60,000 GT S$840.00 S$420.00
(e) Vessel above 60,000 GT and up to 100,000GT S$1,100.00 S$550.00
(f) Vessel above 100,00 GT S$1,260.00 S$630.00
(g) Oil rig, Vessel of unusual characteristic regardless of its tonnage S$1,260.00 S$630.00
(h) Special Request for tugs above 45 ton bollard pull S$1,700.00 S$850.00
(i) Emergency tug assistance including but not limited to anti pollution and rescue services S$2,500.00 S$1,250.00

Charges for the use of tugs for all operations shall be computed from the time the tug leaves its base to the time it returns to the base.

(a) When a tug is ordered for and such order is amended or cancelled less than two hour before the time it is require, such tug shall deemed to have used for one hour. The charges for the use thereof for one hour shall apply for each amendment/cancellation under item 1.
(b) When a tug is ordered, dispatch and no longer require the charges under item 1 shall apply



3) Payment
Bunker adjustment is applicable
Our offers are subjust to the following terms & conditions.
  • Payment                                : 30 Days payment term.
  • Special Privilege                      : No amendment/cancellation charges. 1st (first) hour charge is applicable once tug is ordered and deployed whenno longer required.
  • Charges for usage of the tugs for berthing/unberthing operations shall be computed in accordance with the standard MPA list of location codes. Computed time will be of travelling time ( whereby the tug leaves its base and returns to its base ) inclusive and chargeable.
  • Tug subject to availability and bunker adjustment is applicable.
  • Provision of tug service shall under U.K Standard Towage Condition ( Revised 1986 )
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